Friday, December 30, 2005

Be Back after New Year's

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Happy New Year-See you in 2006


Thursday, December 29, 2005


To finish off the 2005, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by and checked out the blog from time to time. I also would like to thank a fellow blogger that has recently torn Today in Sports to shreds. I refuse to advertise his site(even though he has linked mine), where he has written a 12 paragraph story on my site. I guess I should just thank him for the traffic, I guess...

I started this in the summer, and can say that I appreciate the traffic from all visitors. In 2006, I will be making changes to the blog to accommodate my other sites, which of course were ripped to shreds as well. Keep the shitty comments coming, because 99% of my readers haven't had any issues with Today in Sports.

Current week stats for Today in Sports. If you are one of them, thank you and see you in 2006.

Total ........................ 4,392
Average per Day ................. 40
Average Visit Length .......... 0:31
This Week ...................... 280

Not great for a holiday week, but it will pick up after the New Year.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Just a reminder, there is no loyalty in sports...

I have talked to many people from my home town of Boston that are still beside themselves about the Johnny Damon situation.

Get over it. The Red Sox still have a very good chance of being a contender this upcoming season. I would still guess to say that the Sox will win 90 games this year if the rotation stays healthy. I know that is a big if.

The days of Yaz, Aaron, and other greats are gone. For all the years that I watched Fred Lynn in Boston, he moved on as well.

Damon was a free agent and this is all about the $$Benjamin’s$$. This has nothing to do with retaliation against the Red Sox. I just can't wait till the Yankee's come to Fenway.

Damon, shown here is shaven and clean cut. I looked closely, and that isn't his World Series ring. That would have been even funnier. (from a Red Sox fans point of view)

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Merry Christmas

Chris Kulturides

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do we have traitor among us?

Johnny come lately? Not in 2006. Damon has reached an agreement with the Yankees for 4 years/$52 million.

Johnny will need a quick shave and a haircut before spring training. The boss has his rules...

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Chris Kulturides

Monday, December 19, 2005

Demolition Sunday...

I have decided to be a little sassy with this post. So I will apologize now if I insult any fans when I talk about your favorite players.

I leaned a few things over the weekend about a few teams in the NFL.

Here they are:

*The Colts lost and we don't have to hear about the undefeated season anymore.
*The Patriots and Tom Brady tooled on the Buc's.
*Cincinnati is the real deal this year.
*Michael Vick isn't a cold weather QB.
*The Bears have the best defense in the NFL.(watch out for the Patriots-85 rematch?)
*The Washington Redskins made a mockery of the Dallas Cowboys.
*Seattle has won 10 in a row...Super Bowl?

Here is how the AFC is shaping up for the playoffs:

*Indianapolis has clinched home field throughout the playoffs.
*Cincinnati and New England have clinched division titles.
*Denver has clinched a playoff spot as well.

The NFC has the Seattle Seahawks the only team going to the playoffs.

Here are some pics from the NFL this weekend.

Michael Vick was no test for the Bears defense. I am sure that Vick is pleased to be headed back to Atlanta and then to a warmer climate next Sunday in Tampa Bay.

Carson Palmer after the 41-17 win over the Lions. The Bengal’s are #1 in the AFC North.

Michael Turner turning on the jets with this run for an 83 yard touchdown.

This picture is the result of a bad day at the office. Bledsoe and the Cowboys were steamrolled by the Redskins. Bledsoe was sacked as many times as they had points, 7.

Tuesday is pictures of the week on our sister site below, and also the change of our cheerleader pictures on the right sidebar. Thank you to both the Lindsay's for hanging with "Today in Sports."

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Chris Kulturides

Tecnical Difficulties

I was ready to post and get myself going for a big weekend in the NFL. I also want to post about the news that Nomar will be wearing Dodger blue next year in LA. Then this happened to my Internet...

I will be posting all the scores fron this weekend on the right first thing on Monday morning. I hope that everyone had a chance to get some shopping done...just 6 days till Christmas. After today, I am canceling Christmas...

Darn Internet...

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Friday, December 16, 2005

More "Hot Stove" action...

Image Hosted by

Ever think that if you didn't follow "Hot Stove" baseball that you would be either upset of lost when you strolled in the ballpark and saw the line-ups on the big screen? It seems like there are so many moves, that some teams will have entirely new infields or some with 75% changed. I am amazed at the changes. Here are some of the changes over the past week.

Carl Everett from the White Sox to the Seattle Mariners.

Alfonso Soriano from the Texas Ranger to the Washington Nationals

Juan Pierre from the Florida Marlins to the Chicago Cubs. This is an excellent move for the Cubs. Pierre has speed and is also a good fielder. He will replace Corey Patterson in centerfield.

The Red Sox made a statement at the hot corner by acquiring Mike Lowell in the Josh Beckett prior to the winter meetings, knowing that Bill Mueller was headed out of beantown. Mueller signed a 2 year deal with the Dodgers and reunites with Grady Little. Mueller will also see some familiar faces in the clubhouse like former Red Sox pitcher Derek Lowe, and former teammate Jeff Kent from his playing days with the Giant's.

Milton Bradley of the Dodgers signs with the Oakland A's.

Matt Morris who was 14-10/4.11 ERA last season joins the S.F Giants

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Chris Kulturides

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nomar Garciaparra in different pinstripes?

After a less than stellar season with the Chicago Cubs, Garciaparra is considering becoming a N.Y Yankee. There is also interest in Nomar from the Dodgers, Indians, and the Astros.

Nomar hit .283 with 9 homeruns in just 230 at bats for the Cubs.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

NFL reminder

This weekend the NFL has games scheduled for Saturday.

Here is the schedule in advance:

Tampa Bay
New England

Kansas City
NY Giants


All times are EST.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New tenant in the "Rent My Blog" section

Here at Today in Sports we have our newest renter for the week. I have read through Christina's blog and it it funny, well written...and sarcastic at times. Take a look for yourself and please, please, please click on her thumbnail and visit her!

Being Engaged to a Carolina Tarhole--------->>>>>
Can this relationship be saved? The ups and downs of being a hardcore Duke fan engaged to an equally hardcore UNC Tarhole fan...gonna be a long basketball season! Also other interesting tidbits and news.

Who is also known as Christina to friends & family, as well as Holier-Than-Thou-Annoying-Smart-Arse-Duke Fan to her fiance, a Tarhole, whose opinion doesn’t count here, is just an average gal of 28 residing in the Tarpit of North Carolina.

She is really prolific, which is a shame considering she can’t write worth a shit, but must be given at least a few points for really trying. An avid college basketball fan in general, she is a bit obsessed with, “her,” favorite team, the Duke Blue Devils, which should be somewhat obvious to anyone who has managed to get through at least a sentence in her blog. A big congrats to anyone who has manged to do this.

She also has a great interest in politics and current events, considering she is not only a Duke fan, but a conservative as well, she is quite used to being despised by this point in her life. Other interests include reading (all kinds of things), writing (DOH! and also, what a shame), history, psychology, and a very long list of shit that nobody cares about.

On the negative (or positive, depending on how you look at it) side she has a totally irrational fear of the color blue, in all forms except for navy. This might explain a few things, then again, it might explain nothing at all.

She also realizes that all this third person BS is annoying, but it’s her blog and her, “About Herself,” page, so she can write it anyway she damn well pleases & it isn’t like anyone is reading it anyway, except for one person named Greg, who probably finds her to be annoying, too.

At any rate, she wishes to extend her gratitude to Greg for managing to read her blog, and swears he will be on her Christmas card list. If for some reason anyone else out there would like to comment about the blog, please note that there is a comment section for each post. If anyone would like to let her know personally just how annoying, how much of a bad writer she is, or any other negative feedback, please feel free to send your comments to her personally.

Monday, December 12, 2005

NFL Sunday & our blog of sports photographs...

What is it that truly motivates a team? Could the dismissal of a player do it? No. Does the loss of a player and a party boat scandal do it? Maybe...? Or is it a passion to dig deep and far back and strive for the playoffs. I think that is it.

This week in the NFL, teams like the Vikings and Pittsburgh many had written off. Now the Vikings are digging deep and are a playoff contender, and the Steelers worked hard for a win against the Bears.

After seeing the Green Bay teams of years past do so well, it is amazing that after 12 weeks they have just 3 hash marks in the win column. Is it Brett Farve? Do they need a change? That is to be seen, but at some point that is going to happen. Green Bay won't make the playoffs this year, but still show heart with a player like Samkon Gado leading the team behind Farve.

Green Bay won in overtime with this field goal by Ryan Longwell.

The New England Patriots are showing that they aren't out of the battle to take the AFC East either. Just over the past few weeks, the Patriots have welcomed the return of Richard Seymour and Tedy Bruschi. On Sunday the Pat's defense held the Bills to just 7 points. Patriots win 35-7.

In Philadelphia, the N.Y. Giants were back on track when Jay Feely hit a game winning field goal for the win. Feely had some key misses just a few weeks ago that cost the Giants the game. I guess that redemption is sweet when the chance comes along.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers didn't look like they were coming off a 3 game losing streak. They were solid in the air early behind Ben Rothlisberger and even stronger on the ground when the snow started to fall with Jerome Bettis carrying the ball in the 2nd half. The Steelers steamrolled the Bears and their #1 defense 21-9.

The one big break came in Dallas yesterday where the Cowboy's hosted the Chiefs and thought they were done with just a few ticks left. This was the break that Dallas needed badly. After a defensive interference call on the Chiefs, Dallas tried again on a new set of downs to score and on 2nd try, Bledsoe passed to a wide open Dan Campbell for the touchdown. The point after was good and the Cowboy's were up by 2 with .26 seconds left. The Chiefs had a chance to tie on a 41 yard field goal and missed. Dallas moves to 8-5 and in position for a playoff spot.

Monday Night Football
9:00 EST

It was a wild day in the NFL and I have included some pictures here. Other pictures of this weekends sports action can be seen tomorrow (Tuesday's) on our other site by either clicking here, or the link below.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Weekend NFL Schedule & other info...

It has been a busy week in sports with winter meetings taking place in the MLB, the recent buzz of the Colts going undefeated in the NFL, and the anticipation of the teams that will draw each other in World Cup Soccer.

Just an update…

Today in Sports will have a cosmetic change over the next couple of days. We won't miss a beat over the weekend and appreciate you stopping by and reading. We will be making some changes and actually delivering a new, "photo blog” dedicated to "Pictures of the Week", and also vintage sports photos. We will still deliver the "Cheerleader of the Week", and our newest section, "For Women Who Love Sports." If you have a favorite player that you would like me to feature in our picture column in the future, please send them to the email on the bottom of the post, or by clicking on the "Email me" tag on the lower right sidebar.

The NFL Schedule is on the right sidebar and will be updated throughout the weekend.

Have a great weekend!


Chris Kulturides

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Astros cut Clemens loose...

On Wednesday the Houston Astros decided to cut Roger Clemens loose and decline to offer salary arbitration to him. Clemens won't be able to resign with the Astros until after May 1, 2006. Clemens is planning to pitch in the World Baseball Classic in March.

Even after Clemens retires, he has a 10-year personal services agreement to work for the Astro's. The is similar deal to what Nolan Ryan has presently with Houston.

Will Clemens end his baseball career where is all started?

Chris Kulturides

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We are official...

As most or my readers know, I work on this sports blog and also on my photography blog at "Chicago Sunsets."

You know when you get a new "job" and people say..hey you are now official...

I am what I am...just having fun and if you want a link to this "e-card", email me and I will send you the link.


Back in Baseball

After leaving Perdo Martinez in the game to long in game 7 of the ALSC, Grady Little will become the Los Angeles Dodgers skipper.

Little beat out Jim Fregosi, John McLaren, Manny Acta and Joel Skinner for the coaching job in LA.

He had been with the Chicago Cubs in January 2004 to be a scouting consultant and assistant to general manager. Little spent last season as the Cubs roving catching instructor.

Chris Kulturides

Football and Baseball...

I want to start off this post with a quick intro of our newest sports friend in the sidebar "Steeler Fanatic." It is all Steelers info all the time. If the Steelers have something going on and you need a game re-cap, check his site out. It is "specialized" for the Pittsburgh Steelers sports fan. So, click on him and take a visit-I dare ya!

Coach Cowher lets the ref know that the "Steeler Fanatic Blog is awesome!


Hey!!! We are 12-0!!! Can you hear me?

On Sunday the Colts not only clinched a playoff spot, but added another win to their impeccable record of 12-0. They face the Jacksonville (9-3) next Sunday at 1:00 EST.

Nathan Vasher, was again outstanding in his performance against Green Bay on Sunday. He had this interception for a TD and has 7 interceptions on the season.
We'll see him in Feb. in the Pro Bowl.

The Packers fell to (2-9)after losing to the Bears on Sunday. Here Brett Farve takes a big hit and fumbles. Chicago recovers. Bears go on to win 19-7

Carson Palmer and the Bengal’s are the real deal. They beat the Steelers 38-31 in a game that didn't have a TD by Chad Johnson. The Bengal’s are making a statement with a 9-3 record in the AFC North. The Bengal’s take on the Cleveland Browns(4-8) next at home.

The Charger made it an easy day at the office beating the Raiders 34-10 behind Drew Brees. Pictured here is Michael Turner scoring with .22 left on the clock in the 2nd quarter.

The N.Y. Giants(8-4) moved into first place in the AFC East on Sunday after defeating the Cowboys 17-10. The Giants defense supported by Michael Strahan(pictured above) and company worked hard to contain Drew Bledsoe and the Cowboys.

The Patriots survived the cold and added another hash mark in the win column on Sunday with the help of Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri became the Patriots all time leading scorer with 1134 career points passing Gino Cappelletti.

This week in baseball...

Rafael Furcal from the Braves to the Dodgers-$39 M/3yrs.

Luis Castillo from the Marlins to the Twins for 2 minor leaguers.

Paul Lo Duca from the Marlins to the Mets for 2 players to be named later.

Paul Byrd from the Angels to the Cleveland Indians for $14.25 M/2yrs.(free agent)


Seahawks 42 Eagles 0

Look for more pictures from the week on the right column, as well as the new cheerleader of the week. Today in Sports has a new section devoted to the women that love sports. Look for that on Tuesday!

Chris Kulturides