Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let's call this 99 1/2...

We are officially at 100, but I will be in tomorrow with a recap of my first 100 posts and what is in store for "Today in Sports."

Thanks for all that have visited in the past and pass along to a friend or two that we exist.


Friday, January 27, 2006

NBA Trade....Timberwolves & Celtics

This wasn't a matter of being late in posting this. It honestly has rendered me speechless. I am from Boston and I can tell you that all the negative hype when Ricky Davis came to Boston was put away after he showed that he was a player to deal with on the hardwood. I am a Ricky Davis fan and I am sad to see him go to Minnesota. I will also be clear that this trade has had me shaking my heard knowing who Danny Ainge let head to the Wolves as well. Yeah, the Celtics are getting a 7 footer and a great swingman in the game in Wally, but the foundation for the Celtics was loosened when they included Marcus Blount and Marcus Davis. I know that there are many opinions on this trade, and this is mine.

I just hope that the Celtics get what they were looking for where they are just 6 games out of first and need a run to be dominant in the homestretch.
Here is the trade details for those that haven't seen the details:

The Timberwolves get:

Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks and Justin Reed and two conditional second-round draft picks are also going to Minnesota.

The Celtics get:

Wally Szczerbiak, Michael Olowokandi, and Dwayne Jones Plus a future first-round draft pick that is lottery-protected.

Davis (pictured top) and Wally Szczerbiak ( above).

Celtics new 7 footer-Michael Olowokandi.

As all blockbuster deals go, only the outcome of the season will tell you if it was a good deal or not.

Anyways, I am still shaking my head over this trade and I hope that the Celtics get the better end of it and not because I am from Boston, but because I like the players that they gave up. If you are from Boston, you will hear Danny Ainge preach that he is "building for the future.” All I have to say is that he looks like he is helping his old teammate Kevin McHale and the Minnesota Timberwolves.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

A taste of days past...

Just a taste of days past-Enjoy the games.


Panters helmet since 1995 and Seattle's helmet from 1976-82.


The Steeler's helmet from 11/18/62 - 12/16/62 and Denver's lid from 1968-74.

**1 The traditional logo was first used during the tenth game of the 1962 season, a home game against the Washington Redskins. It was worn on yellow helmet shells during this game and the last four games of the regular season.


If you like the helmets that you see here today, check out
The Helmet Project for more great work of years past. Drop him and email and let him know that you saw the link at Today in Sports.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Red Sox and the return of Theo...

Theo Epstein will return to the Boston Red Sox next week as a member of the baseball operations group. Details will be available next week. This comes just a few months after Theo walk away from the Red Sox for undisclosed reasons.

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Getting Bullied in Chicago & other news...

Chicago Bulls fan Michael Axelrod was the recipient of the Antonio Davis attack at the United Center in the Knicks defeat in OT 106-104.

It is reported that Axelrod was filing papers against Davis and his wife for over $1 million in damages.

Davis indicated that he saw a man put his hands on his wife and that was his reaction. Did I miss something? Wasn't there a game going on and what was more important? Winning the game or policing who is around your wife?

Davis received a 5 game suspension for the jump into the stands. It was reported that no punched were thrown.


In MLB news:

Bronson Arroyo and the Red Sox have reached an agreement on a 3 year/11.25 million dollar deal. Arroyo stated that "there is nothing like coming to work everyday in Fenway Park. He also took this deal against the will of his agent. Arroyo didn't go the same route as Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon and took the "discount" to stay in Boston. Way to go Bronson!


A-Rod has decided to wear the stars and stripes in the WBC (World Baseball Classic).

He has decided play for the United States instead of the Dominican team . Just remember, you have to play nice Alex...

I had to put this picture in as a Red Sox fan.


Who's Going to Detroit?

Here is the NFL schedule for this Sunday:

Pittsburgh @ Denver
3:00p EST

Carolina @ Seattle
6:30pm EST

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

NFL Playoff Results Sat/Sun

It was an interesting weekend in the NFL for sure. Many were expecting different outcomes, and that includes me.

Scores from this weekend:


Washington 10
Seattle 20

New England 13
Denver 27


Pittsburgh 21
Indianapolis 18

Carolina 29
Chicago 21

My recaps:

It rained for long enough to launch the Noah's Ark Seattle and conditions were far less than perfect. Shawn Alexander left the game early with a concussion and didn't return. Matt Hasselbeck controlled the offense as well as contributed to the score with a TD of his own. As for the running backs and the ground game, Seattle had almost twice as many yards on the ground than the Redskins. The Seahawks will meet the Carolina Panthers next week in Seattle.

In Denver, the Bronco's were blessed to see a sloppy Patriots team show up. If you were looking to see a game that had lots of sacks and fumbles, watch the Patriots. The defense, special teams, nor the offense showed up in Denver.

The Patriots are the recipient of the "" award this week. Jerome Bettis should thank the Patriots for playing so poorly, and also thank Mike Vanderjagt for missing the field goal in the Colts/Steelers game. (see below for more info)

Speaking of the Colt's/Steelers, what drama in Indy! The Steelers defense sacked Manning on a 4th and 16 and took the ball over on downs at Indy's 2. On the following play, the Steelers started "The Bus" and the bus choked when he fumbled and the Colts returned the ball 35 yards to the 42. Manning moved them down the field to get in range for Vanderjagt and a tie at least, when after what looked like a good hold--this 46 yard field goal missed by 3 zip codes. How could a kicker that makes 87.5% of his field goals miss one by literally a mile? This is the reason why Jerome Bettis needs to thank Vanderjact for not getting the "" award.

In Chicago it was the Steve Smith show and he showed why he is the Co-Comeback Player of the Year. He had 12 receptions for 218 yards, and 2 TD's. The Panthers and Jake Delhomme brought out the air attack and took it to the defense of the Bears. Carolina just dominated with total yards 434 to just 282 for Chicago.

Next week's Conference match-ups:

Sunday January 22, 2006

Pittsburgh @ Denver 3:00 EST (CBS)

Carolina @ Seattle 6:30 EST (Fox)


Friday, January 13, 2006

NFL Divisional Playoff Schedule & more...

As most of you know, I live here in Chicago and lived in Patriots land for 30+ years. I am torn this week, because all the people that I talk with are telling me that the Bears are going down, and the Patriots will step up and meet Indy in the next round. What I would give to see another Pats/Bears rematch of 85'. I have my picks in my head and I am far from a professional handicapper... (that is for sure)

Here is the schedule for Saturday and Sunday.


Washington @ Seattle
4:30pm EST

New England @ Denver


Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis

Carolina @ Chicago

The key game this weekend is in Indy. With the Steelers playing well behind Jerome Bettis, it is going to be important that the Steelers control the ball and "get on the bus" this week in Indy.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Patriots have to continue to step up with Tedy Bruschi calling the formations.

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Have a great Friday and talk to you all this weekend.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Clubhouse leaders...and a Red Sox loss

It has been reported that Kevin Millar of the Red Sox has signed a one year deal with the Orioles. He will be used as a utility player for them and will play even a larger role in the clubhouse.

As you will see in the photo below, Millar was the "funny" guy in the Red Sox clubhouse. I am sure that his funny demeanor and love of the game will be missed in Boston.

I just hope that they are going to call on Manny to pick up where Millar left off. That won't happen. The clubhouse in Boston will be led by team captain Jason Varitek who is all business and has a passion for winning.

(Millar seen here with Gabe Kapler, and Bronson Arroyo supporting both Theo Epstein, GM at the time and Tom Brady prior to a Patriots playoff game.)

In other Red Sox news, J.T Snow will be the Red Sox first baseman after signing 2 million/one year deal with the club. Just 3 days after signing with the Red Sox Snow's father Jack Snow died of complications from a staph infection. He was 62 years old.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Who has the better defense?

Who has the better defense between the two?

Can Brian Urlacher lead the Bears to a win over Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers?

Do the New England Patriots and the defense led by Tedy Bruschi have what it takes to advance over the Denver Broncos?

Here is the weekend schedule for the NFL:

Saturday January 14th

Washington @ Seattle
4:30 pm EST

New England @ Denver
8:00 pm EST

Sunday January 15th

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis
1:00 pm EST

Carolina @ Chicago
4:30 pm EST

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Friday, January 06, 2006

NFL Weekend Playoff Schedules

I am excited for the upcoming playoffs in the NFL. I currently live in Chicago and like the Bears this year and I am also a diehard Patriots fan from growing up in the Boston area. Could we see a rematch of the Bears/Patriots again? It is a long shot because of all the strong teams in the NFL like Seattle, Indy, and Tampa Bay-Bay.

Who will make it to Detroit? That is anyone's guess...

TGIF, and I will be back over the weekend!

Here is the weekend schedule for the start of the NFL playoffs:

Saturday, Jan 7 , 2006

Tampa Bay
4:30pm EST

New England
8:00pm EST

Sunday Jan 8, 2006

NY Giants
1:00pm EST

4:30pm EST

Awards in the NFL

NFL Co-Comeback players of the year:

Tedy Bruschi-Patriots

Steve Smith - Carolina

NFL MVP Award:

Shawn Alexander-Seattle
That's all from here for now...Enjoy the games!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chicago Bears and the Super Bowl...

Will the Bears behind Rex Grossman and Brain Urlacher on this 2005-06 team have what it takes to get to the Super Bowl?

Enjoy the photographs of Walter Payton rushing against Tampa in the uniforms of yesteryear.


Please comment on this to be included in a future post that will be based on how far the Bears go in the playoff's.