Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time to recognize...

Let's talk a little D-town. Larry Brown departs to a Knicks team that is currently 15-41 and floundering in every position. Flip Saunders came into Detroit and took over for Brown in a position that I am sure he is saying he wish he never left. After a horrible trade at the deadline (read post below by Adam Dembowitz) by Isaiah Thomas, the Knicks are in trouble in 5th place in the Atlantic division. At this point they are 16 games out and in the cellar. The Eddie Curry deal from Chicago wasn't the greatest acquisition and he is only averaging 13.6 per game while the league leader is at 23. It looks like Isaiah Thomas and Danny Ainge Celtics) are taking the same path at "rebuilding" their teams. But the trade at the deadline by Thomas was like a knife in the heart for the Knicks.

For more another view of the NBA, check out Jack McCallum's column on the Eastern and Western Conference's.

But we are here today to recognize that the Pistons look unstoppable under Flip Saunders at 47-9! That is an unreal record and the Pistons showed their strength in the NBA All-Star game as all 4 of the Pistons took the court and the East made a game of it. The East came back to win the All-Star game as well.

The Pistons are going all the way and I wouldn't be surprised if only lose 20 games this season.

Here is a list of some of the current streaks in the NBA.

Detroit 6 game win streak

Miami 6 game win streak

Dallas 6 game win streak

San Antonio 4 game win streak

Phoenix 7 game win streak

After looking at the standings and the depth of some of the stronger teams, I am looking at San Antonio and Pistons in the NBA finals.

Here are some pictures of the Piston's in action.

Rasheed Wallace block

Antonio McDyess

Chauncey Billups



If you are a hockey fan, head over to Vintage Sports Photography for some great goalie pictures and my rant on Chicago Blackhawk's television broadcasts.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Nascar and some NBA action...

Nascar and some NBA action...

If you were looking for high speeds and some 4 wide racing at times, this was the race to watch. Sunday's race was hosted in Fontana, CA and was sponsored by the Auto Club Association of California.

The buzz around the track was that Tony Stewart had the car to beat after coming off last week’s wild ride at Daytona. Also, the other favorite was Jimmie Johnson who finished 2nd behind race winner Matt Kenseth.

Another strong ride was Greg Biffle who won the Busch race on Saturday had a nice run till lap 229 when he blew an engine. Biffle led 168 laps and finished 42nd. Tony Stewart had similar problems and finished dead last.

This was a race with a lot of pit stops under green and some timely cautions for drivers that needed tires and gas. This race last year left 3 drivers running out of gas and not making the finish after the last round of pit stops.

Matt Kenseth, the winner of the Auto Club 500 at Fontana, CA.


NBA action

In Los Angeles, the Lakers hosted the Celtics in a game that needed every second to determine a winner. This contest featured MVP's Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant in a featured match up.

Paul Pierce has stepped up his game, and in the last 9 games he has scored 30 or more points. In this games Pierce scored 39 for a 112-111 Celtics victory.

Kobe was in foul trouble late and watched the Celtics go on a 13-3 run early in the 4th quarter. Kobe had 40 in the loss and carried the team with not a lot of production from the other 4 on the floor. The Lakers are at an even .500 at 28-28 and 3rd in the Western Pacific division. The Lakers are looking to erase this 2 game losing streak when they host the Magic tomorrow night. The Celtics are 23-33 and 3rd in the Eastern Atlantic division, and have a 2 game win streak and face the Shaq and the Heat in Boston. Boston lost the last contest to the Heart 114-98 and are looking to extend the win streak.

In the house in L.A was Super Bowl Champion, Jerome Bettis, who witnessed one of the best match ups in Kobe and Pierce.

Thanks for stopping by and please check out the sister site to Today in Sports - Vintage Sports Photography, where there is a great shot of Magic Johnson in 1989.


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Busch Series Stater Brothers 300

I want to thank everyone for the positive comments on the new home of "Today in Sports." The new template and the ability to changes things from time to time will give us a fresh new look depending what is happening in the world of sports.

I spent the afternoon watching the Stater Brothers 300 on FX this afternoon. It was a pretty clean finish with no green/white checker which seems to be the way that most races are finishing in the Busch Series and in Nextel Cup.

Here is some information on the California Speedway for all racing enthusiast

Track Size: Two miles (2)

Race Distance: 300 miles, 150 laps

Track: Banking:

Corners: 14 degrees

Tri Oval: 11 degrees

Backstretch: 3 degrees

Straights: Front stretch: 3,100 feet

Backstretch: 2,500 feet

Today's winner of the Stater Brothers 300 was Greg Biffle in the #16 Ameriquest Mortgage car.

(Click picture for a larger view)

For more NASCAR information, visit Nascar.com or Yahoo Sports.


As a fan of NASCAR and racing in general, I am interested in seeing what comes out of Sunday's race with Tony Stewart. Is he headed in a backwards direction with his "bad boy" image and going to create havoc among drivers and teams in 2006? I have a feeling that because he was the NASCAR Champion last year that his ego has been maximized and Tony will be put in his place. I can even see Jeff Gordon getting to Tony after their love/hate relationship. The remind me of the Clemens/Piazza relationship in baseball, where you didn't know what was going to happen the next time they met. Well, Tony is starting 12th and Gordon is in the 9th position, so I am sure that there will be some close driving between the two.

In last years race at California, Greg Biffle was the race winner and will be starting on the outside of the first row. The average speed on this track is 185 mph. so it should be an exiting race. On Sunday, Biffle can go for the weekend sweep with a win.

Here are some nice pictures that I wanted to share with all the visitors.

Please click to enlarge.


If you are a fan of pictures from the present and the past, please visit my photoblog which features pictures from all sports and also some light commentary on them and how they effect my sports thinking.

Click here to visit "Vintage and Current Sports Photography."

Thanks again for visiting and comments are welcome and moderated before posted. If you like what you see and read, please comment and I will feature you and your blog in a future post.


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Friday, February 24, 2006

Deadline Doom

You ever have a friend who just refuses to listen to anyone? Even after everyone's become exasperated with trying to supply constructive criticism, you keep trying to help him out. You don't know why, you just do. And finally, ultimately, in an episode of sweet release, you become so maddened, so confused, and so saddened all at the same time that your only option is to stop trying.

And he. Keeps. On. Going. And Going. He won't stop, until he not only has no friends of his own, but he is the laughingstock of all of your friends and all of their friends. Well, if that scenario seems familiar to you, perhaps you can identify with embattled New York Knicks GM, Mr. Isiah Thomas. Wednesday, the day before the NBA trading deadline, Thomas traded the Knicks' only valuable asset, the expiring contract of Penny Hardaway. Actually, he "threw in" small forward Trevor Ariza, who will definitely become a solid 6th man or even starter for the Magic, and who will definitely make Thomas look even more foolish. But I digress.

Thomas traded Penny's contract (close to $16 million, expiring at the end of the season) and Ariza to the Orlando Magic for "point guard" Steve Francis. Francis, who refused to play for the Vancouver Grizzlies when they drafted him, then forced a trade to the Houston Rockets, then trashed the Orlando Magic organization when Cuttino Mobley was traded, is a point guard who can't, or won't, pass the ball. Good thing for New York, because they already had one of those overly sensitive, shoot-first, me-first point guards in Stephon Marbury. And you know how Isiah loves to create logjams at the important positions by trading expiring contracts for bloated, long-term contracts. Jalen Rose? Don't even let me get started.

The Knicks have the league's highest payroll and are going to get a Top 5 draft slot this year, as high as Number 1. Forget for a second that no other professional sports general manager could pull this off...then remind yourself that Thomas already traded the Knicks' 2006 and 2007 first-rounders to the Bulls in the Eddy Curry trade.

You know what I say? Let 'em rot. Let Cablevision give $3 to $4 million to every team in the league by exceeding the luxury tax threshold with the largesse that comes with securing overrated players with ridiculous contracts. Let the Knicks, the one franchise above all others (except maybe the Lakers) that is supposed to be among the league's elite year after year, rebuild until someone with a brain steps in and stops the madness.

Adam Dembowitz
Baseball Universe

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Remembering the past...

I have spent some time over the last few days reflecting on some aspects of my life that have shaped my love of sports. In an effort to show my appreciation for people that have shaped my experiences, here is my entry for today.

As a young boy, I loved to watch Saturday baseball on NBC. That familiar voice of Curt Gowdy was a staple in my life for many years. I heard him on "The American Sportsman" as well, and even know I was less than 10 years of age, the impact it had was immeasurable. I learned about hunting and the outdoors which was a nice experience because I really didn't know why my father would depart on hunting trips. Mr. Gowdy was a teacher and an inspiration in my life. He was a teacher of the game of baseball to all those that listened. I was a fan of the Dodgers and the Red Sox as a boy, and can still to this day hear him speaking with Tommy Lasorda. I loved the lessons of the game that he taught, and the fact that he shaped my love for the game. This is a post to remember those that shape the lives of sports fans. Mr. Gowdy, thank you for the lessons and a voice that will be recognized for years to come.


Growing up in Boston as a teenager, I was also able to hear the legendary call of Johnny Most, the Boston Celtics announcer. He is talked about with friends of mine and we reminisce about the Celtics of the 80's. I was a huge Bird, McHale, and Parrish fan and loved the rivalry with the Lakers. To this very day, I can hear Johnny call "Bird stole the ball!!" That raspy voice lives with me and reminds me 0f days past. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting.


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Monday, February 20, 2006

Steeler Pride is back....

The Fanatic is back!!!

Congrats on the Super Bowl victory and welcome back to Today in Sports.

All visitors please click on the "Steeler Fanatic" thumbnail for great info on the Steelers.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Chicago Bulls 2-16-06

Last evening I had the chance to go and see the Chicago Bulls and the 76ers play at the United Center here in Chicago. This was a uneven game from the tip. The Bulls were up 57-46 at the half and never looked back.

It was in the 3rd quarter when the Bulls scored 35 vs. the 76ers 16 points. It was an offensive run away and Ben Gordon was in charge for the Bulls.

I wanted to thank "P" for the chance to go to the game as well as Katie Marie, and her friend Courtney. Nothing like seeing an offensive game by your home team and hanging with 3 fine chicks!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Getty from last nights contest.

Allen Iverson #3 -PG 76ers.

Ben Gordon #7 -Chicago Bulls

Iverson after a drive into the lane.

Final score 76ers 84 Chicago 114


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Monday, February 13, 2006

Spring Training reporting dates

2006 Baseball Spring Training Sites & Reporting Dates
---- ---- ----------------- ----------------
BALTIMORE Ft. Lauderdale, FL February 16 February 21
BOSTON Fort Myers, FL February 18 February 22
CHICAGO Tucson, AZ February 17 February 22
CLEVELAND Winter Haven, FL February 16 February 21
DETROIT Lakeland, FL February 15 February 20
KANSAS CITY Surprise, AZ February 17 February 23
LA ANGELS Tempe, AZ Febraury 15 February 20
MINNESOTA Lee County, FL February 19 February 24
NY YANKEES Tampa, FL February 16 February 21
OAKLAND Phoenix February 18 February 22
SEATTLE Peoria, AZ February 15 February 20
TAMPA BAY St. Petersburg, FL February 16 February 21
TEXAS Surprise, AZ February 15 February 20
TORONTO Dunedin, FL February 17 February 22
---- ---- ----------------- ----------------
ARIZONA Tucson, AZ February 17 February 22
ATLANTA Orlando, FL February 16 February 21
CHICAGO Mesa, AZ February 15 February 20
CINCINNATI Sarasota, FL February 16 February 21
COLORADO Tucson, AZ February 17 February 22
FLORIDA Jupiter, FL February 18 February 21
HOUSTON Kissimmee, FL February 17 February 23
LA DODGERS Vero Beach, FL February 15 February 20
MILWAUKEE Maryvale, AZ February 17 February 24
NY METS Port St. Lucie, FL February 16 February 21
PHILADELPHIA Clearwater, FL February 16 February 21
PITTSBURGH Bradenton, FL February 16 February 21
ST LOUIS Jupiter, FL February 16 February 20
SAN DIEGO Peoria, AZ February 16 February 21
SAN FRANCISCO Scottsdale, AZ February 15 February 20
WASHINGTON Viera, FL February 18 February 23
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

MLB and Fantasy Sports...

Just a quick not for all baseball fans-Today in Sports is going to be having it's own fantasy league that will be hosted through Yahoo.com. If you are a baseball fan that is interested in some heads up action against other fantasy players, please email me at todayinsports@gmail.com for the login info and password. In your email please include your team name that you would use and the city and state that you are located so the I can post scores as the season progresses. Serious players only-Thanks.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Let the games begin...

Torino Italy, Winter Olympics 2006

Enjoy the Games!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Johnny Damon and NCAA Hoops...

It is nice to know that the score is even...for now. Johnny Damon is trying to save his ass by taking out a full page advertisement in the Boston Globe to thank the fans for the support that he was given while in Boston. I am excited about seeing the first time that the Red Sox and the Yankees meet, because Boston fans are tough on players that depart. I should know I've lived there my whole life.

The Yankees will host the Red Sox in Spring Training game on 3/22 @ 7:15 p.m., and the first regular season meeting between the two is @Boston May 1st @7:05 on ESPN. Mark that on your calendar, I have.

Despite the brutal reality that he will face when he is first announced or digging into that familiar place (left hand batters box) at Fenway, as expected, the booing will there. That will be a common theme in 2006 for his ears. Here is how I came up with his thought process for placing the ad.

After colliding with Damian Jackson in Oakland, and having his bell rung, he reverted back to a "prehistoric” way of thinking.

He then was brought back to a time where appreciation wasn't a common thing around the villages where he hung out. Johnny did start the beard the following year and was crowned with his new nickname.

Capt. Caveman.
Johnny decides to contact life in other places for advice and Marvin reads his letter to the fans of Boston. The Boston faithful isn't having it and waits patiently for his arrival in the leadoff spot in the top of the first at Fenway on may 1st.

"Johnny, thank you for the kind gesture, but you won't sleep well after May 1st. As a side note, you should contact A-rod and see how he dealt with the boo's, but I am sure as many Red Sox fans are, that you will hear them for years to come."


I have decided that after the Super Bowl every year that my focus turns to NCAA hoops and the thought of filling out that bracket for March Madness. Do you feel the same? I was sitting here and opening up my mail and the yearly tax documentation came in and I came across this that I would like to share. I feel as I get older that my sports life is on a "schedule" as I get older. Do you feel the same?

Today in Sports will have Brackets available towards the end of the month for all NCAA hoop fans that would like to print them out.
Please take a minute to check out our friend Chad Gramling from "Chad Gramling's Baseball Blog for the 2nd week in a row. Glad that you have extended your stay.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Sunday - Super Bowl XL

Good Morning everyone! I am sure by now you have read every blog, newspaper, and website about the good and bad of Super Bowl XL.

with football being my 2nd favorite sport, I have a sense that the season ended 2 weeks ago. After seeing the 1st quarter of last nights game, I figured that watching paint dry was going to be more fun. Then the mistakes, and the "missed calls" and whatever else you want to chuck in there. There is good and bad in every championship game and this one, it was just plain bad in many areas and good in just a few. As for the commercials that corporations shell out big $$ for, some should have saved their money. Better yet, I should have a "donation button here and they could have dropped some coin my way. Anyways, I have some thoughts on the game, the commercials, and the fact that after calling the first of 17 time outs in a row with 1:55 left in the first half, I fell asleep only to be awakened by the vision of the Stones playing and thinking that I was in the midst of a bad dream.

As I mentioned I was bored in the first quarter, and surprised that this game a 3 and out game for much of the first quarter. I hate to see any team that has played so well like the Seahawks make mistakes, but Sunday wasn't their day.

I will say that I am glad and sad that "The Bus" has come to a stop in Detroit for Jerome Bettis. This was the perfect way for him to complete his NFL career and couldn't have been scripted any better for him. We all will be happy to see him at the podium in Canton, OH.

Every game has it at some point and some refer to it as "the nail in the coffin." This was the play that wrapped it up for the Steelers as well as the "gadget play" touchdown to MVP Hines Ward.

In regard to the "gadget plays”, we all like them and the make the game exciting-but we never expect the ball to be thrown on the run and with such precision. I though that was the best pass of the game of all the throws that we made by either QB.

(Pictured below Super Bowl MVP, Hines Ward and his "gadget reception.")

After the play worked to perfection and breaking down the Seahawks defense, Rothlisberger, Ward, and "QB" for a play Randle El celebrate after the catch.

The Seahawks had a tough day at the office that is for sure. The defense was just o.k. and the offense was just lacking to get it done. The Seahawks were great in the air with Hasselbeck going 26-49, for 273 yards. He was sacked 3 times for a total loss of 14 yards. After looking at the keys to the game, I have come to a conclusion that while the Seahawks had more total yards than the Steelers, they were also penalized for 70 yards compared to just 20 for the Steelers. Penalties will hurt you, and they did ultimately for Seattle.

Final Score : Seattle 10 Pittsburgh 21 F


After talking to some friends about preparations for the game yesterday I heard that the game was important to 50% of the people that I talked to and 50% for others that wanted to "watch" for the commercials. Here is my breakdown of the "TV" portion of the program.

**Best Commercial**


Topic: Phone with "theft deterrent"

Best part of commercial - seeing him knock the lights out of his friend after chucking his Spring phone at him for trying to steal his wallet.


**Worst Commercial**

Burger King

Topic: The building of a burger.

Worst part of commercial: #1 People dancing dressed as lettuce, tomato’s , onion's and all parts of a burger including the mayo. This has made me rather starve than hit a BK if it is the last place to eat for 101 mile...

Hope you enjoyed the game and get ready for the next bore before the real action starts(MLB), its called the WBC (World Baseball Classic)


Please visit Chad Gramling's Baseball Blog by clicking on the thumbnail on the right.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Thank you.

Just a short note to say thank you to all that emailed and were aware of Today in Sports reaching the milestone of 100 posts.

I would also like to remind everyone that Chad Gramling has rented from us this week and his thumbnail is located on the right. Click on it for some great write ups on baseball from the majors to the minors as well as general baseball stories and information. Thank you again Chad.


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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today in Sports 100th post.

Let's thank Spot for assisting me today in bringing the great news here!

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people.

First off, my old neighbor, Adam here in Chicago said that he was writing about baseball in his sports blog and said that if I was interested to join him and contribute he would be open to that. That was the start of this place called "Today in Sports", and blogging! Adam, thank you very much. I wish you success in getting to where it is that you want to be-in baseball in some front office.

I would like to thank the over 6000 visitors since Sept/05 that have stopped by and commented on the pictures and the write ups on sports that have varied from wrestling to the upcoming Super Bowl. The support has been great and I am looking forward to laying my feelings about sports on the table for days to come. Thank you for visiting everybody and please make sure to tell a friend that we exist.

Today in Sports has taken on 3 different looks and at the current time, we aren't changing a thing. We will be here and looking the same for the time being. Thank you for all that commented on the look and the changed to the header and the picture that have been included.

I would like to thank the following renters that have participated in the "Rent my Blog" campaigns here at "Today in Sports." I will list them here, but can't link them because we are supporting a new Renter that has joined us today. The former renters that you can find by doing a search on Blogexplosion.com are the following:

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I appreciate your support here at "Today in Sports." Please pay a visit to them and let them know that Chris @ Today in Sports handed them a shout out for the past support.

I will say that covering the MLB playoffs was a great experience for you all and it made me see that there are so many fans that love the game. In the honor of baseball, I have chosen our newest renter and a fantastic baseball blog. He is Chad Gramling from "Chad Gramling's Baseball Blog." He has some great posts there on Minor league teams and also a great post on the situation in Boston concerning the GM situation. I also enjoy reading about the "2006 Milestones" post. Personally, I am a fan of all sports and my first love is baseball and that showed during the playoffs. I look forward to bringing you some great baseball write ups as soon as spring training starts. (Who knows, maybe Chad will let me post on his blog if we show him some support here at Today in Sports) Thanks for joining us here on our 100th post and being our newest renter.

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Once again, thank you for visiting and I look forward to delivering some great pictures and also my thoughts on sports in the days ahead.

Thank you all.