Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor safety for Redskins dead at 24

Sean Taylor was at home when an intruder allegedly entered his home and was shot in the groin. He was then airlifted to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:30 am Tuesday morning.

After getting his life together and a new dad, tragedy hits the family of Sean Taylor and the Washington Redskins. Taylor was chosen in the first round (5th pick) in 2004.

Sean Taylor


Monday, November 26, 2007

What a mess....MNF 11/26/07

I have sat here and wondered, will the Ark set sail during the Miami/Pittsburgh game tonight on Monday Night Football? I think so. This was plain ole' ugly as well. I thought about this past weekend and if you saw yesterday's post, the NFL wasn't squeeky clean this past weekend for a minute.

Monday Night Football wasn't either.

Miami still winless. They lose tonight to the Steelers 3-0. It took till tha last 20 seconds to get a crooked number up there. Man-o-Man...

Just ugly.

For all your sports action take a look at www.sports.yahoo.com.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Good, Not So Good, and the VERY UGLY...

Well, I could name off so many I don't know where to start. Family, Friends, the Red Sox the World Wide Web... So, as for what I am thankful for in the sports world is whole other story. I will be doing a full wrap up tomorrow seeing where I am just posting now on Sunday at 11:15 pm.
I will call this something like a movie review...Today's Sports Beat version of "The Good, the Not so good and VERY Ugly."
Here goes:
The Good....Packers are 11-1 and look great. Winners Thanksgiving Day 37-26 over the Lions. I suspect that we'll see Farve back next year. What a familiar site that pictures is.

The Not So Good.....the Patriots. What happened to covering the spread of (-26 ) for all those that took that foolish action. This was a close one and one that no one saw coming, like this helicopter tackle of Kevin Faulk. Pats escape with a win31-28 and still undefeated at 11-0. The Pats are at Baltimore for MNF on 12/3.

The VERY ugly...The St. Louis Rams. The Seahawks got away with one on 4th down and a chance for the Rams to win the game. No go...fumbled snap and game over Seahawks 24-19 over the pathetic Rams.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hot Stove....be careful!!

As most of you know, I am a Red Sox fan and today was an early Holiday gift for me (and I am sure all of New England). Mike Lowell is rejoining the Red Sox for another 3 years. Also, A-Rod wins the A.L MVP and other trades that went down today.

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Today's sports headlines:
Headlines can also be found at www.sports.yahoo.com

Friday, November 16, 2007

The asterisk is now in BOLD, and Sports headlines.

Barry Bonds gave all the baseball fans an early Holiday gift.

You can take a look here...

You aren't wanted in the Hall of Fame...maybe in the mess hall.



In other news, Jake Peavy won the NL Cy Young Award. Congrats.
Here are the headlines as of noon Friday at Yahoo Sports.

Here is your NBA action tonight.

Indiana @ Toronto
7:00pm ET

Portland @ Philadelphia
7:00pm ET

Utah @ Cleveland
7:30pm ET

Orlando @ New Jersey
7:30pm ET

Miami @ Boston
7:30pm ET

Seattle@ Atlanta
7:30pm ET

New Orleans @ Memphis
8:00pm ET

Washington @ Minnesota
8:00pm ET

Houston @ San Antonio
8:00pm ET

New York @ Sacramento
10:00pm ET

Detroit @ LA Lakers
10:30pm ET

LA Clippers @ Golden State
10:30pm ET

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

American and National League Awards.

Well. today is the day that the Cy Young was announced in the American League and I was very surprised in the decision. It was going to come down to C.C Sabathia and Josh Beckett for the Red Sox. The Indians starter was 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA. Beckett was 20-7 with a 3.27 ERA this season. Beckett pitches very well in the playoffs where C.C didn't pitch that well. I don't know how much weight is put on the playoffs and the World Series, but if it mattered in the voting Beckett would have been my choice.

The 2007 Cy Young Award winner is C.C Sabathia of the Cleveland Indians.

Yesterday MLB announced the Rookie of the Year Awards. Here are your 2007 Awards winners.

Dustin Pedroia - Boston Red Sox

Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

NFL Sunday and my pick of the week!

Well, it's Sunday again and that means that I will be catching some NFL action today. I will also take a peek at what is happening over at the Nascar race later in the afternoon.

For today's action in the NFL, here are your match up's and lines.


As I mentioned on the show, today I am taking the following:
  • Vikings +6 to cover over Green Bay
  • Chiefs -3 over the Bronco's
  • Dallas -2 1/2 over the Giants
  • Colts -4 over the Chargers.
My pick of the week is the first one, the Vikings at +6

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekend preview and Sports Headlines...

Wow..things are heating up early in Hot Stove talk already. I am looking forward to the off season moves that will make teams better and some still in the rebuilding process.

Here is what is on tap via www.Yahoo.com

Clemens may finally be ready to retire
Angels admit interest in A-Rod
Phillies acquire Lidge in 5-player trade
Braves interested in getting Glavine
Angels' Matthews meets with MLB over HGH
Tigers want LHP Rogers back
Rangers must still pay A-Rod $9 million

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Monday, November 05, 2007

What a weekend....

It was quite a weekend in sports for the college, NFL, NBA, and the Nascar. Fans enjoyed the twists and turns of the polls that followed a wild college football weekend, and a Sunday that was filled with what some were calling "Super Bowl ...and a 1/2." What a game the Pats played against the Colts at the RCA Dome. Two undefeated teams that played like the trophy was on the line. Also for the fans of the left turn, Jimmie Johnson showed that he is extremely interested in the Nascar Championship.

If you had a chance to catch any college pigskin this past weekend, I was impressed with the LSU/Alabama game, and also the licking that Kansas put on Nebraska. I was very surprised that BC who lost to FSU dropped in the polls like a 120lb man from the top floor with an anvil tied to the ankle. Ohio State rolled against the Badgers of WI, and will take on Illinois on 11/10.

The action on Sunday, I had the chance to watch Adrian Peterson for the Vikings set an all time rushing record with 296 yards. I will say that if you haven't seen him play, check him out cause has some of the same DNA as Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. He was impressive.

As far as the match up of the undefeated Colts and Patriots, it looked like the Colts were going to own the Pats on this given Sunday. The Colts were sharp on defense and also in the running game which was controlled by Joseph Addai with 26 rush,'s for 112 yds and 5 Rec, 114 yds, and 1 TD. It was a well played game by Addai on Sunday. As far as the Pat's go, Brady threw for 255 yards and spread the touchdowns around to Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Kevin Faulk.

I am sure that we'll see them both in the playoffs where everyone will be able to say that these two are the teams that are in the Super Bowl. Calling this Super Bowl ....and a 1/2 was stupid. It was a gridiron battle between the two best undefeated teams in the NFL.

Patriots 24 (9-0)

Indianapolis 20 (7-1)

The Patriots have a bye this week and the Colts will meet the Charger's (4-4) in San Diego on Sunday.

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