Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today's Sports Beat on Talkshoe!

Well it was a great show and I had lots of info to get out there for all you sports fans. I also had some questions, which you should listen to the show HERE and come back and leave your comments. All comments will be read on the show as long as they are clean and "show worthy."

My first question of the show was...Do you think that the Super Bowl should be a Holiday for people that live in the USA? One day off a year to watch the "Big Game." What do you think?

Listen to the show here on the sidebar and comment as much as you like or head to Talkshoe.com and check out Episode 22 and all the other shows that are listed. You can also search for my 2 shows that I do there by inserting in the search box "chris k."

Enjoy the show and see you on the air soon,