Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Episode 26 "Today's Sports Beat..."

Episode 26 Todays's Sports Beat...

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Today's Sports Beat Podcast - Questions

On the show last week I was thinking of some questions for the people that visit the blog regarding sports. The questions that I want to get some commentary on are of course "sports related." Your answers will be read on the show on Tuesday nights @ 10:35 EST. The show is on and it is under the name "Today's Sports Beat..."


What is your favorite sports movie?
What is your favorite sports commercial?
What is your favorite - greatest sports memory from a TV or live event?

Please leave your comments and I will read your answers on the show. If you want, call in and tell your story live on the show as well.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Out with the new, in with the "Old Skool..."

So I was out yesterday looking for a new pair of New Balance because I wear a EE, and not a medium. I was in luck because this was the only pair of EE's that were in the store. I was disappointed that the store carries New Balance sneakers in "D" and also in "EEEE."

Why skip over what would be a size run that some would need. I didn't get it.

Well, I scored these for $29.99 and love the fit. They remind me of the days where they were worn on the runners from the Cross Country Team or the Track Team in high school.  They are the "574's" by New Balance and they are comfy and good looking once you get them on. Try and pair and see for yourself.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today's Sports Beat...on

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All-Star weened, Daytona 500, NBA trades, Celtics, Outdoor Sports, Steroid Apologies, Red Sox, Training Camp News, NHL and questions that will be on the website (here!) Come on over and anwer some sports related questions and have them read on the air on Tuesday nights at 10:30 pm EST on notes from Talkshoe about the above program.)

Look for future posts that include "Sports Questions for the Fans." Answer's to these questions will be read on the show on Tuesday nights LIVE on the show. All you have to do is...answer them with your opinion.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daytona 500 + NBA All Star Game

This weekend gave us the "Great American Race" and the All-Star game in New Orleans.

In the Daytona 500, it was great to see some new drivers in the top 15 like Dario battle from the open wheel Indy car to the car of today in a "Sprint Cup" race. The race was no doubt great to watch for the rush of 180+ mph and the different things that make up the race. For example, the tires were a concern from the get go and the strategy of pit stops were major as well. I love the race that kicks off the points races in Nascar.

In this race it was evident that Jimmy Johnson wasn't going to have the day that we all have seen in the past and Dale Jr. just didn't have the horses to get it done. Even Kyle Busch who led the majority of the race wasn't the winner in the end with such a strong car all day.

It was Ryan Newman that crossed the finish line when the checkered flag dropped.

When I found out that the All-Star was in New Orleans, I was excited to see the culture come out but more importantly to see the area become infused with lots of cash from this big weekend in the "Big Easy." The Dunk contest was creative and extremely entertaining. I am sure that the Dunk Contest will be an event that many more players will lobby to be in.

The music and entertainment of the performers was fantastic. If you love that soulful sound of jazz, then this was a must see. Even if you caught the halftime show, it was great to see musicians doing their thing to boost what New Orleans has to offer.

In regard to the game, this is the most glorified pick up game till the 4th quarter. Their is a fair share of alley-opps, fake passes, breakaways for showman type dunks and the typical 3 pointer that is uncontested. If you missed Ray Allen
(who should have been the MVP) than you missed some sweet 3 pointers that were key to the East winning this game.

Here is how I rank different things that were at All-Star weekend
1 is top rated and 10 is the worst of it.

  1. Players contributing time to projects in N.O and also donating to the parks and schools.
  2. Dunk Contest
  3. Entertainment (Jazz music and intros for the game)
  4. 3 Point Contest
  5. Team Contest.
  6. Skills Contest
  7. NBA All-Star Game
  8. Cheerleaders
  9. All-Star MVP
  10. Uniforms
Yes, I hated the uniforms. I did find the warm-ups to be very nice in that they had all the All-Star games that the player had been in over his career. That was a nice touch.

The "NBA Cares" program with "one day of service" was great to see players donating and assisting in many projects in and around the city.

I am not sure how the NBA will top this one next year because they pulled out all stops to boost New Orleans and the city in general.

Don't forget Tuesday night we'll talk Nascar and NBA All-Star game and other sports on Today's Sports Beat... on at 10:30 EST. Talkcast ID 61981

Sunday, February 17, 2008

NBA Slam Dunk Contest...

Tonight was the revival of the Dunk contest. I was surprised that Dr. J in 1984 was at 0% in the fan voting, but maybe the fans are younger that watched this and can't remember 1984...

It was a great contest and Howard's last dunk was something that I have never seen before. I loved it and the players reaction were a bit over the top i/m/o.

The (Superman get up) was fantastic. I am looking forward to tomorrow nights game.
It should be real fun.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Stewart, Tomorrow - Who knows??

Tony Stewart took the checkered flag today for the Nationwide Seies at Daytona.

Tomorrow...Daytona 500

Who is your pic to win? Stewart? Johnson? Gordon? Dale Jr.?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Tuesday 2/12 Podcast at

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This is a big weekend for sports if you are a fan of the NBA, or even the "Great American Race"-the Daytona 500. It is NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans, and as I have mentioned on the show I am pleased to see this in N.O this year. It couldn't come at a better time to pump some money into the local economy and help in the rebuilding of homes and also into the business's of Bourbon St.

In Florida, the 50th running of the Daytona 500 takes place Sunday with Jimmy Johnson on the pole and Michael Waltrip on the outside starting 2nd. After a lack luster year for team Toyota and Michael Waltrip, it is great to see that 3 of the top 5 cars are Toyota and Waltrip is one of them. Last season started with Waltrip being caught with a fuel additive in the car and it was all downhill from their. He was not the racer that we knew from years past and it stretched as far as him not qualifying for races. It is a nice turn around this year and I am looking forward to seeing what the #55 Napa car can do this year at Daytona.

Listen to Tuesday nights show above and if you want, join us every Tuesday at 10:30 EST for the LIVE show where you can call in and talk sports with me and others. Here is the call in info if you would like to call in:
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Looking Hoops in the "Chicago Sky"...

I was looking over the sports page today and I see "he said, he said" in reagrds to the Roger Clemens story yesterday. So, I decided to see what was happening in the NBA and I came across these pictures. This is Kayte Christensen of the Chicago Sky, which I think as of today I will have to check out some WNBA games here in Chicago.

Hello Chicago Skye...

I am surprised that the basketball isn't smoldering. Wowza.

Click on pictures for larger view.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blockbuster NBA trade going down...

The Mavs and the Nets are in the midst of completing a deal that includes Jason Kidd.

More info here:…IW8Eg5nYcB

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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Africa Trophy....

Who wants to try and steal the "Africa Trophy?" Holy #@%& these guys are HUGE! WOW!!

A Ghanaian girl brings the trophy after Egypt won the final match between Egypt and Cameroon 1-0 in Accra on February 10, 2008 during the Africa Cup of Nations 2008 football championship.Egypt retained their African Nations Cup crown here Sunday when Mohamed Aboutraika scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Cameroon which also delivered a record sixth title.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Baseball memories and how you remember them.

National Baseball Hall of Fame member and former New York Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford swings his 1958 All-Star game bat at a New York news conference Monday, Jan. 28, 2008. Ford will auction several hundred pieces of his baseball memorabilia during All-Star Fan Fest on July 14-15 in New York. On the table are his 1974 Hall of Fame induction plaque and 1963 game glove.(Yahoo Sports)

My Whitey Ford story:

I have a Whitey Ford story that I would like to share. As a youngster I was and am a huge baseball fan. I was given by a friend of my fathers some VERY old newspapers that were discovered in a attic when he had moved into a new home that was over 100 years old. In those papers were pictures of various Major Leaguers from the Sports pages. One of the papers was a Boston Herald American from 1962. The Yankees and the Red Sox were at that time rivals as they are today. I read in a local paper that their was going to be a sportscard convention and the likes of Whitey Ford, Pete Rose and Hank Aaron would be there as well as some Red Sox players. The sportscard convention was held in MA when I was in my teens (late 1980's). When we got to the convention, I immediatly brought my "old paper" and also some other items to be signed. I was lucky enough to get Aaron and Ford while I was there. Hank was a gentleman and was nice enough to have a little conversation. When I approaced Ford he said, "son, I hate to say this...but I remember this paper. Where did you get it?" I explained and he was amazed that the paper woud mean so much to a fan, and that of a fan from Boston. Still to this day I have that yellowed and very fragile Boston Herald American that I will never part with. The conversation was worth more to me than the signature, but forever they will always be linked in time.

Do you have a baseball story that you want to share?

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tough Day for Patriots Fans...

It was a tough night for all Patriots fans. I was looking at clips today of the game and I have to admit, I am impressed with the NY Giants defense. It had a burning hunger that the Patriots didn't. Well, maybe NY needed seconds and  I would say that was the case in this contest.

If you look at these guys playing their heart out to be able to go down in history, one team can't make a mistake. I saw 3 that the Patriots made that were crucial to the game.
  1. By not takiing the 49 yard field goal the Patriots fell short. I felt that you had to take the points when you could. I also would have tried it because it was indoors and no wind to deal with.
  2. Collapse of the offensive line and allowing the Giants to get to Brady to many times.
  3. Blitzing on the play that was the TD that sealed the game for the NY Giants.
That is what I saw, if you saw things differently please leave a comment.

Here are some of the pictures of Brady. I don't think that he was this dirty all year.  Until next year...

Strahan was a man on a mission for NY...

I think that the Monster Truck put the curse on the Pats...

Brady should have taken that marriage proposal and got out of dodge.

Till next year...